Fine Dining Made Finer

If you have been on Instagram for any length of time, you have undoubtedly seen people posting pictures of food. Some photographs may be of simple, home-cooked goodness, but others display plates of fine dining gorgeousness. Or maybe you have been witness to a beautiful wedding cake with delicate edible flowers cascading down the side. Dining out is no longer just a means to fill a stomach. It is a means to fill your soul. Plates set before you filled dainty delicacies like petite micorgreens and edible flowers such as crystallized rose petal are more works of art than meals. Fine-dining restaurants saw an increase of 3 percent in business in the past year, which means thousands more Americans are dining in these upscale restaurants. When thinking of ways to add to your menu, consider adding the lovely little greens and varieties of edible flowers for an artistic and chic, trendy touch.

The Many Uses of Edible Flowers and Microgreens

First of all, petite micro greens can be easily used to freshen up any salad you may be making. These delicate greens are very young vegetables, herbs, and other plants. Many micro green varieties are harvested at anywhere between one and one and a half inches long, including stems and leaves. Micro herbs can be used to freshen up drinks such as lemonade and many cocktails. Micro basil in lemonade is particularly delicious. Basil, however, can be rather particular in its growing, harvesting, and storage. Most basil will turn dark brown or black when it is exposed to temperatures of 32 degrees or lower. Another excellent use of these delicacies is in edible flowers. Using crystallized rose petals can add a beautiful sweetness to cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts. If you are trying to cut down on the amount of frosting used on a cake, consider using edible flowers like crystallized rose petals or edible pansies or violets. A simple white cake or cupcake is elevated to a stunning work of art when adorned with edible flowers.

Upscale dining, Healthier Options, and Micro greens and Edible Flowers

With over 100 types of common garden flowers being edible, including vegetable blossoms such as zucchini blossoms, it means that every part of the plant, from blossoms to tender greens can be used from early in the growing season. Using edible flowers in desserts instead of frostings can mean using fewer processed ingredients like vegetable shortening and artificial food colorings. The beauty and artistry of the food can come from natural sources like crystallized rose petals and other edible flowers and tender micro greens.

The growing trend of using micro greens and edible flowers in fine dining is one that has been around for a while, but is gaining ground because of the growth the upscale restaurant market is seeing. Adding these delicacies to your menu is a perfect way to grow the artistry of your favorite dishes.