3 Things You Do NOT Know About Organic Microgreens

Organic micro greens are nutritious and delicious. Learning more about microgreens is a great way to decide if they are something you want to incorporate into your recipes.

Microgreens are harvested before the plant reaches maturity. They contain the tender true leaves of the plant and stems.

Why Organic?

Many people choose to incorporate greens into their meals whether they are micro green options or full-sized plants because of the nutritional value and the great flavor. Micro herbs, organic micro greens, organic edible flowers all come packed with nutrition and tons of flavor.

Choosing organic is always a better option. Organic micro green varieties are grown without the use of chemicals including herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. If using micro greens or edible flowers is on your radar, choosing organic is the better way to ensure the taste and the safety of the greens and flowers are not compromised.

Handling Micro Greens and Edible Flowers

It is important that the greens and flowers are handled properly once they are procured. It is strongly suggested that a trusted source is used for sourcing, growing them on your own typically ends badly.

One of the best ways to ensure that your greens and flowers are in top condition for consumption is to store them properly. They do not stay well at room temperature. These are fresh products that need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Once the order arrives, unpack and rinse the greens in a cool water bath, then place the washed greens on a clean paper towel. Use a damp paper towel to wrap the stems of the greens to keep them fresh.

Your supplier can provide you with other tips for storing your greens.

How Are Micro Greens Served?

These little treasures can be added to a great deal of pizzazz to any dish. They are the perfect way to dress up the simplest of dishes like potato salad and egg salad. Of course, they are also ideal on their own arranged in a first course salad.

Edible flowers are often used in deserts and salads. They add a touch of elegance to many different confections.

Expanding your palette by adding organic micro greens or edible flowers to your recipe is a great way to ramp up the nutritional value and add some flavor.