Hydration Plays a Key Role in Staying Healthy

The ticket sales event was a performance in itself. As the staff of the performing arts center prepared for the onsite ticket sales event for a major Musical coming to town in a month, they though of everything. Anticipating hot weather, the team contracted with a local water cooler service to make sure that there were water stations up and down the sidewalk where the lines would first form. Anticipating boredom and impatience, the youngest members of the staff created trivia contests, singing competitions, and other games to help pass the time between when the crowd would be moved in under the covered breezeway and the time when the actual ticket sales would begin. Anticipating all of the enthusiasm surrounding the event, the coordinators made sure that the numbered wrist bands that would indicate the order of sales were an appropriate color.

In the end, the combined in person and online tickers sales in the first hour of the event served nearly 4,500 customers. With a maximum allowed purchase of four tickets a piece, the event was a major success. The water cooler service was a hit and prevented any real heat related problems, and the games amped up the crowd’s enthusiasm, while at the same time limited any frustrations.

Water Cooler Solutions Make Any Event or Space More Manageable and Safe

As the nation prepares to survive two more days of much of the country being under the latest heat dome, hydration is key. From home owners who need to mow the yard to musical fans who want to get a crack at some good seats and ticket prices, both commercial and residential water cooler services are important. Everyone knows that water is the drink of choice when it comes to the hottest days of the summer, but keeping your workforce hydrated is easier if you have designated water cooling stations. Increasing in popularity, bottleless water cooler services are a great way for companies to make sure that they are providing an environmentally friendly way to keep their workers safe and comfortable.

Outside of the home and office, of course, there are many other times when hydration is important. On college campuses and in schools and colleges across the nation, an increasingly popular option is water bottle filling machines that limit the use of disposable cups, while also providing the coldest water. You do not have to be standing in a long line waiting to purchase tickets to your favorite musical to need a cold drink of water. Everyday, the healthiest of people understand the importance of staying hydrated.

Our bodies are made up of 60% water, and as the importance of hydration is stressed it should come as no surprise that the average person in America is now drinking 38% more water than they did 15 years ago. How about you? How much water have you drank today?