Are You A Bride With A Sweet Tooth? Consider A Wedding Candy Buffet On Your Big Day!

Candy Craving

Candy comes in thousands of different varieties, and everyone has their own favorites. It’s something no one says no to, and something that we can never just take one of. It can also be a unique addition to a wedding reception, either in the form of a buffet, or as a take home gift. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, here are a few ways to incorporate wedding candy into your reception.

A Wedding Candy Buffet

Wedding candy buffets can come in an innumerable amount of styles and varieties. Whether you’re designing it yourself, or you’re having a professional set up the table, you can mold it to match whatever theme you want.

A candy buffet is usually created by filling glass speciality jars with different styles of candy. To cover a wide spectrum expert caterers try to provide at least one type of chocolate, sour, gummy, and yogurt candy to choose from, though you can mix and match according to your specific tastes. It’s also recommended that you limit your choices to no more than 4 different colors to match a theme, unless you want a rainbow assortment specifically. This helps prevent the space from looking too busy, or stark against the other colors in the theme.

You can even order bulk personalized candy from an online candy shop. This option helps keep costs affordable, while providing the large quality you need. It also allows you to customize by color, and even packaging in some cases. Being able to personalize these candies can also make thank you candies an easy and fun option.

Displaying Your Theme With A Candy Buffet

You’ve put a lot of thought into what theme and color scheme you want to design you wedding around, and your candy buffet should be set up to convey it. Colored backdrops, customized signage, and the use of creative quotes, can help tie everything together in a clever way that isn’t overbearing.

No two candy buffets will be the same, and the end result is entirely up to your style and your tastes. If you are working with a professional designer, communicate your desired vision to them, and never hesitate to tweak the work until it is perfect.

A Unique Treat Station

A wedding candy buffet is something unique, and while not unheard of, it definitely is mainstream at many weddings; possibly because many people don’t realize it’s an option! It’s a fun, creative, and sweet way to satiate your guests who have a sweet tooth. It also can create a beautiful and elegant display for everyone to enjoy. If you love candy, and want a way to tie it into your big day, offering a candy buffet is definitely a creative way to do it!