Behind The Growth Of The Refrigerated Trailer

In recent years, refrigerated trailers have exploded onto the market. Everyone wants refrigerated trailers not just here in the United States but all throughout the world in its entirety. As a matter of fact, the projected market value for the global refrigerated trailer market is even set to reach and exceed $7,600 billion all by the time that we reach the year of 2022. This will mean that a CAGR of more than 4.5% will have occurred between the year of 2016 and the year of 2022, what will amount to a mere six year period.

Here in the United States, the market for refrigerated trailers has also been very much on the rise. As a matter of fact, the number of refrigerated trailers ordered jumped by more than 200% (by around 250%, to be just a bit more specific) between the January of 2017 and the first month of 2018. The reefer trailer for sale is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. In fat, the January of 2018 showed that the reefer trailer for sale was only on the rise as well, with up to a full 40,000 of them sold in just that one month. In the months that followed the typical reefer trailer for sale and other such reefer units for sale only continued to sell well not just in one area of the country, but truly all throughout it in its entirety.

If you’re interested in buying a reefer trailer for sale, however, it is not just as easy as showing up and buying one. There are a number of considerations that will need to be made first before such a transaction can ever come to pass. For instance, you’ll want to know the length of the reefer unit in question before you ever make a final purchase. This is due to the fact that the length of the typical reefer trailer for sale can actually vary by quite a bit – more than most people even realize is possible. On average, the shortest length for a reefer trailer for sale will be just 28 feet. The longest length of your typical reefer trailer for sale, however, will extend to just past 50 feet (around 52 feet, if you’re looking to be just a bit more precise). For many people, this will end up factoring into the final purchasing decision quite heavily.

On top of the length of the reefer trailer for sale that is being looked into, the height will also matter. The ideal height will vary, again, based on the intended use for the new reefer trailer for sale in question. On average, however, the maximum height for such a trailer is not particularly likely to exceed 13.5 feet at the very most. This maximum height helps to keep everything from new reefer units to used trailer refrigeration units for sale in good working order.

And used reefer trailers for sale are certainly something to be considered, at the very least. The cost of the typical reefer trailer for sale, after all, can be quite the immense one indeed. For many people who might be interested in a reefer trailer for sale, this cost can sometimes be somewhat prohibitive at the very least. It can give many people pause when deciding if something such as a reefer unit is something that they really need or not. Ultimately, however, looking away from brand new reefer trailers for sale and at used reefer trailers for sale is something that can be quite eye opening, as it has been found that the price of these used reefer trailers for sale is quite dramatically lowered in direct comparison to the cost of the brand new ones, to say the very least.

Ultimately, the reefer trailer is something that is likely to remain popular in the United States and all throughout the world in the years that are ahead of us. After all, there are now as many as a full half of a million reefer trailers currently in operation throughout the United States alone, let alone on a global scale. This number, of course, has only been a growing one over the course of recent years.