Create a Memorable Event With Chocolate and Other Nostalgic Candy

Many Americans have a sweet tooth and enjoy having a piece of candy or two. On a weekly basis, almost one in four adults will have a piece every day. Children, of course, enjoy having a few pieces as well.

A Brief Overview of Candy Consumption

Every year, the average person will enjoy nearly 25 pounds of candy. It’s not surprising that about half of these individuals will reach for chocolate. Children, however, tend to prefer hard or chewy candies more than adults. For every one piece of hard chewy candy eaten by an adult, children will have four pieces. Adults definitely prefer having chocolate candies or bars more than any other types of candy.

On an annual basis, more than 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate are eaten by Americans. This amounts to more than 11 pounds for every person. While some people may enjoy milk chocolate, others enjoy dark chocolate. Another reason why people enjoy chocolate is because of the variety of fillings. In addition to nuts and dried fruit, chocolate bars can contain luscious caramel, raspberry, or other types of filling.

Find the Best Candy Assortment for Your Event

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a graduation party, or another celebratory event, purchasing candy in bulk makes sense. Just imagine the delight on everyone’s faces when they receive a gift bag brimming with chocolate and other gourmet candies. Children of all ages enjoy pinatas, which can be filled with everything from bulk gummy candy to old-fashioned candies and toys. You can also fill dishes with bulk gummy candy or pass them out during the festivities.

Once you speak with a representative, you will be able to learn more about the different types of candy available in bulk. Remember that you can purchase this candy wholesale and have it personalized as well. Personalized candy can be an excellent way to show appreciation for volunteers, employees, family, and friends. When candy is personalized for a special event such as a graduation, retirement party, or wedding, it can make the day even more memorable.