3 Products You Can Produce and Sell From Your Beehive

Amateur beekeeping is growing increasingly popular across the United States. Given the endangered status of honey bees, many want to do their part to save the species by managing their own beehives. It’s currently estimated that there are at least 2.7 million honeybee colonies in the United States alone. In fact, the USDA says the amount of bee colonies managed by beekeepers is the highest its been in twenty years. Apart from helping the bee population thrive and grow, there are a number of products that bees produce that can be sold for a profit. This article looks at three items in particular that beekeepers can sell from their own beehives.

  • Organic Bee Pollen: One item that you can sell from your beehive is bee pollen. Organic bee pollen capsules are created from compacted flower pollen and are initially stored by bees in the honeycomb of their hive. Usually used as food for young honey bees, bee pollen is about 40 percent protein and is loaded with amino acids. Bee pollen can be sold as a nutritional supplement and is very popular in some health markets.
  • Raw Honey: Another item that can be sold from your beehive is, of course, the most obvious and well-known: honey! Honey bees work all summer to create pounds and pounds of honey, which in turn can be harvested from the hive and sold in a number of ways. Raw honey can be sold at farmer’s markets straight to the consumer or it can be first turned into a number of products that can also be sold. Taking the honey from your beehives, you can turn it into sweet treats like honeystix and honey candy. Your biggest sales will likely come from the honey you sell from your beehive.
  • Beeswax: A third product you can sell that comes from your beehive is beeswax. Beeswax comes from what’s left over after you’ve harvested the honey from the honeycomb. If you gather these remnants together and refine them, you’ll have beeswax that can be molded into a number of products and then sold. These include beeswax candles (which can be colored as they’re made) and beeswax ornaments. Like bee pollen and honey, beeswax products can be sold at farmer’s markets or through your own separate business.

In conclusion, there are a number of products that can be sold from the beehives you take care of. These include bee pollen, honey, and beeswax. Honey and beeswax can either be sold in raw form or turned into a variety of products first before being sold to consumers. Bee pollen is generally sold as is, since it is used as a health supplement. While it’s true that owning your own beehives is a great way to help the bees, it can also provide a number of useful products that can be sold for profit each year.


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