When to Hire a Fine Catering Service

There’s all sorts of ways to serve food today, from fast food restaurants of all types to sit-down restaurants to catering services. While many Americans may visit a fast food restaurant or a sit-down restaurant for a small party, a larger party may need a catering service company to deliver the goods. A large event such as a huge birthday party, a charity meal, an outdoor sporting event, an office retreat, and others may call for requesting a great catering service in their area. Caterers may specialize in particular food types, such as Mexican, Asian catering for Chinese or Thai food, barbecue, and more. Ordering a catering service is a convenient and effective way to feed a large party. What might someone expect from catering in the United States today?

Types of Catered Food

What kind of food will be served when someone orders from a catering service? That varies, but some ethnic foods have proven pretty popular, as well as barbecue. The United States is a nation of barbecuing meat and vegetables, and the Fourth of July is an especially popular time for this. Meats such as pork, steak, and more may be barbecued and smoked, not to mention shish kebabs of meat and vegetables. Many Americans like to grill in their backyards, but for a large party, ordering professional catering barbecue may be the best choice. Barbecue varies in style, such as Kansas City style, Texas style, and more.

Mexican and Latin food has proven to be the American people’s favorite ethnic food, and in fact it is a larger market than any other. Due to the United States’ proximity to Mexico and other Latin nations, there’s been plenty of food and recipe sharing between these parts of the world, and that especially takes place between Texas and Mexico. Many Americans, for example, may be familiar with Tex-Mex, a sort of hybrid food between Texas farmers and Mexican authentic cuisine. This may often involve beef and flour tortillas, for example, and cheddar cheese. But truly authentic Mexican food involves corn tortillas, chicken and fish, peppers, rice, cilantro, lime juice, and white cheese, and some Latin restaurants in the United States in fact serve this authentic type rather than common Tex-Mex. Today, many Americans enjoy buying Mexican food in grocery stores to prepare it at home, as well as finding it in restaurants or ordering it through a catering service.

Another major area of ethnic foods is Asian food. This varies somewhat between Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese food, and they’re hardly interchangeable. Chinese and Thai food in particular are popular among ethnic foods, and many restaurants, buffets, and caterers serve such food. Popular foods and ingredients such as orange chicken, white rice with soy sauce, fortune cookies (in fact invented by a Chinese American), fried noodles, dumplings, and much more are typical of Chinese food. Asian cuisine tends to be heavy on vegetables and noodles and rice, and the meat may be chicken, duck and pork. This food is also available through caterers.

Make the Order

Someone who is hosting and organizing an event may know how many people there will be, and when and where the event is taking place. This makes it easier to order from a local catering company, and the event host will know when and where to have that food delivered. This catering will serve a whole crowd of people, and they may vary on preferences. So, an event organizer may first allow the group to vote on what sort of food to get, such as Mexican, sub sandwiches, or Chinese. In other cases, the host will decide on the food style, but also collect each person’s preferred meal or flavors. The event organizer will have all this information in mind when they place an order with a local catering company. They may order lunch boxes in disposable cardboard boxes, for example, and each one will be tailor-made for a particular person in the event’s crowd. In other cases, a whole buffet of Mexican or Asian food will be offered, and each person can serve themselves what they would like. This may be quite convenient, and streamline the process for event organizers.