Using Wood in Modern Furniture

For many millennia, wood has been a staple construction material, used for everything from housing to tools to weapons and ships. Wood, despite being organic, is a durable and classic material that can last for centuries with proper care. An example of this is the many historical houses and other buildings in North America which still have their original flooring and other wooden surfaces. Meanwhile, China is home to the world’s oldest all-wood, multi-story building, the Pagoda Fogong. Built in 1056, nearly a millennia ago, the Pagoda Fogong is a testament to wood’s durability. Today, while modern buildings are often made from brick, concrete, and steel, houses and furniture are made from a lot of wood. In North America, native hardwood species are regularly logged to make homes and furniture, and there is also the option to use reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood chairs, reclaimed wood round tables, reclaimed wood siding, and more can be used in a restaurant or diner just like fresh lumber. A reclaimed wood round table may look just as nice as fresh lumber furniture, and is more resource-friendly, too. What is there to know about lumber today?

North America and Lumber

Many species of hardwood grow in North America from coast to coast, such as redwood, cedar, and cherry, and these species have been used since the earliest colonial days. Early English, French, and Dutch colonists used these woods for pragmatic construction early on, but by the Early American period, ranging from 1640 to 1700, distinct styles emerged. Starting at that point, unique and decorative carpentry and woodworking styles were innovated, and this continued throughout the centuries. Even today, many pieces of furniture or other wooden surfaces are styled to look like colonial pieces or rustic Mission style furniture for nostalgic purposes. Cherry, pine, and cedar continue to be used for these projects, just like they were in colonial times.

Today, the lumber industry is enormous even though wood has been phased out of some industries. Wood is no longer used to make ships or large public buildings, and some industries such as auto makers never used wood in the first place. All the same, millions of American homes need to be built or refurnished, and furniture is always being made. This fuels the robust, modern lumber industry. Ever since the year 1900, an impressive total of three trillion feet of lumber has been milled, and this may continue well into the future. But fresh lumber is not the only option. There is some concern about over-logging North American forests, and this is why wood is sometimes reclaimed, such as with a reclaimed wood round table.

Wood is often included in construction or demolition waste, accounting for as much as 20-30% of all waste materials. Old wooden products such as pallets may no longer be useful, and may be thrown away. However, this wood can instead be reclaimed to reduce waste, and reclaimed wood such as a reclaimed wood round table can ease the strain on hardwood forests due to logging. This puts old wood to good use and helps preserve forests at the same time.

Reclaimed Wood In Public

A restaurant or bar is not a private home, but these establishments may take some cues from homes to create a warmer and more inviting interior. This includes wooden tables and chairs for restaurants or diners, which can range from upscale city diners to rustic, small-town restaurants or anything in between. These establishments make good use of wood, both fresh and reclaimed, to make this furniture. Bars, too, make good use of wood for wall paneling to make a more comfortable interior. Some bars have metal bar stool that are bolted to the floor, but others make use of wooden bar stools.

A restaurant that is about to open will have some furniture needs. The tables, chairs, and bar stools (if there is a bar) need to be set up in the right number and configuration. The square footage of the room, and the intended number of patrons, can help determine the size and number of the tables and chairs. A table may be a reclaimed wood round table, as can the chairs. Reclaimed wood isn’t necessarily cheap or shoddy just because it’s recycled; it can be finished to look nice.