What an Ice Cream Shop Owner Should Have in Stock

Americans love to have frozen treats during the summer and warm spring weather, and ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and more are more popular than ever. Ever since its invention in the early 1900s, ice cream has proven itself a staple frozen dessert across the United States, and in fact many statistics are kept to see how often Americans eat these treats, and what flavors or varieties they like. But there is more to ice cream and gelato than the flavor or ingredients (not that those things aren’t important). What’s also important is how these treats are served, such as with ice cream cups or classic waffle cones. Some ice cream shop patrons may prefer tidy ice cream cups, or others may like the idea of a charming and edible waffle cone. And other treats like gelato and frozen yogurt are only eaten with dessert cups and custom containers. Any proper ice cream store will be well stocked with ice cream cups, plastic spoons, and more for its patrons. How big is ice cream today? How can it and gelato be eaten?

Americans and Ice Cream

The owner of any ice cream parlor or other frozen dessert shop will want to know the general trends of their chosen industry. This ranges from how much ice cream is made all the way to why some patrons might prefer ice cream cups over waffle cones. Today, nearly 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other, similar desserts are made in the United States per year, and as much as 9% of all milk from American dairies are used for this treat. The NDP Group has also determined that in any two-week period, some 40% of all Americans, many tens of millions of people, will eat ice cream. And over 90% of American households say that they regularly indulge in frozen treats like ice cream or gelato. This means that on average, an American will consume ice cream 28.5 times per year, most often in summer, with June standing as the most popular ice cream month. More ice cream is produced in June than any other month.

Those intending to open an ice cream shop may want to know what they’re serving. A total list of flavors would be too long, but a shop owner may find out the most popular flavors and produce more ice cream for those flavors than any other, such as vanilla or chocolate or strawberry. And there is more out there. Gelato is a popular and related dessert, which tends to be thicker and creamier. This means that gelato is poorly suited to be put on an ice cream cone like hard serve ice cream, but gelato works well with ice cream cups and special spoons. The same may be said about frozen custard, frozen yogurt, and sherbet. These other treats have their own ingredients and methods of preparation, and an ice cream parlor owner may eventually invest in them to expand their inventory. While regular ice cream sells well, patrons may appreciate the chance to get gelato or sherbet, for example.

The Supplies

An ice cream parlor owner will need the right machines and supplies alike to sell ice cream and related treats to customers, especially during summer months. Any parlor will have ice cream machines that mix and cool the ice cream, and a shop may expand to also have machines for making gelato, frozen yogurt, and other treats. A shop will also need the right containers for the customers to use, most often cones and cups.

Ice cream cones are edible, mildly sweet waffle cones that make for a fun and classic look, and some patrons prefer this. But ice cream cones are known for drips or ice cream scoops falling off, and some patrons will not like this mess potential. Instead, patrons may prefer ice cream cups, which may not only contain potential messes but also allow customers to mix and stir ice cream flavors with their spoons as they like. These ice cream cups also make for ready-made containers for putting leftovers into a freezer at home. And of course, ice cream machines should be rinsed and washed after hours daily.