Taking A Look At How We Can Help Protect The Environment By Using Reclaimed Wood

Wood products are ideal for a large number of reasons. For one, wood is an incredibly versatile material, used for everything from the construction of homes and other buildings to the construction of flooring and various pieces of furniture. Wood is even often used for various decorative accents as well. And that’s not the only reason that wood is so important.

For another thing, wood is easily accessible, as up to 30% of the world is currently covered in forests of varying size and nature. However, this is not likely to continue to be the case if we continue to use wood in the ways that we have today, as wood, durable and important as it might be, necessitates the cutting down of trees all too frequently not only here in the United States but in many places all around the world. Here in this country, however, it’s estimated that our wood usage is so high that up to three trillion board feet of lumber have been milled in the nearly 30 years since the year of 1990.

But if trees can grow back, why is wood usage becoming such a problem here in the United States and beyond – and really for our planet as a whole? Well, while trees can certainly grow back, they do not grow back as quickly as many people think that they do. In fact, the average hardwood tree can take as many as 60 years of growing before fully becoming matured – and even when such hardwood trees don’t take a full 60 years, they typically take at least 40 years and no less than 20 at the very least. With the rate that trees are being cut down, there’s no way that planting new trees solves this problem entirely, even though it is still certainly a good thing to do to help out our planet.

In addition to this, wood waste is also a real problem, just as waste in general is. Here in the United States alone, new construction is incredibly common and construction sites, when traditional methods of construction are utilized, tend to generate a considerable amount of wood waste. In fact, at least a quarter, if not more, of all of the waste generated at any given construction site will be wood waste.

So what can we, as the consumers, do to help put an end to this problem of wood waste and, on a larger scale, deforestation? Recycling wood and using reclaimed wood products instead of purchasing new wood products seems to be very much the answer. Already, more wood is being recycled than ever before here and all throughout the country, with more than two and a half million tons of wood pallets alone recycled by the time that the year of 2015 had drawn to a close, an amount that has only continued to increase in the years that have transpired since.

And the typical natural reclaimed wood product is often of a very high quality. This natural reclaimed wood product will actually come in all shapes and sizes, as reclaimed wood can be used for just about anything that brand new and never before used wood can as well. For instance, natural reclaimed wood product can easily encompass a reclaimed wood round table but the descriptor of natural reclaimed wood product can also easily mean a reclaimed wood seat or even reclaimed wood siding.

And natural reclaimed wood product, though made of, well, natural wood reclaimed product, is still often of a very high quality. This means that it’s not only perfect for just about every home all throughout the country, but it’s likely ideal for use in a number of commercial spaces as well, ranging from stores to offices. Really, the limits for the use of natural reclaimed wood product don’t exist and natural reclaimed wood product seems to provide a great replacement for the use of new wood product in nearly every facet of our lives, from the personal aspects to the public.