Mexican Food The Most Popular International Cuisine Within the United States

People of all generations enjoy dining out with family and friends for special occasions or just to enjoy each others company. According to a recent Bankrate survey, 34% of Americans venture out to casual dining restaurants once a week. Millennials, however, dine out more often. The Bankrate survey indicated that 54% of Millennials will dine out a minimum of three times per week. One of the many reasons for this is that Millennials in particular are known to explore new and unique culinary experiences.

Growth Within the Specialty Food Industry

Since more and more people are interested in expanding their culinary horizons, the specialty food industry has been experiencing growth. Between the years of 2015 and 2017, for example, this specific industry grew by 11%. In 2017 alone, approximately 65% of consumers within the United States purchased some type of specialty food. This includes a variety of Mexican dishes and other Latin American cuisines.

Latin American Cuisine

Mexican food is incredibly popular within the United States. In fact, since one out of every ten restaurant menus contain some type of Mexican food, it’s considered to be the most popular international cuisine within this country.

While signature ingredients and dishes will differ, Mexican cuisine is available from these seven regions:

  • The North
  • The North Pacific Coast
  • The Bajio
  • The South Pacific Coast
  • The South
  • The Gulf
  • Central Mexico

Top Latin Restaurants

If you’re searching for a quality gourmet dining experience that features Mexican food as well as other favorite Latin American dishes, you’ll want to visit one of the top Latin restaurants in your area. The best Latin restaurants will have ceviche and other traditional appetizers, soups, main courses, and desserts. Whether you’re planning to go on vacation, or live in the area, you’ll want to locate a restaurant that offers the best Latin American cuisine.

In addition to enjoying authentic gourmet meals and beverages at your local Latin American restaurant, there’s a chance you may also be treated to live entertainment. Some of these fine dining establishments host live Jazz bands and other popular types of music. Whether you’re a member of the Millennial age group or older, once you visit one of these fine restaurants, there’s an excellent chance you’ll dine out more often.