Why You Need a Custom Ice Cream Cup Design

If you’re selling ice cream, whether that’s your main business or a sideline to something else, you’ve chosen a great way to make extra money. It’s relatively easy to make money from ice cream sales. After all, the NPD Group’s research shows that in any two weeks of the year, 40% of Americans will eat some ice cream. On average, every person in the United States is eating ice cream just over 28 times a year, and 90% of all households regularly indulge. We eat so much ice cream that 9% of all the milk produced on United States dairy farms goes to making ice cream, and 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar frozen desserts are sold every year.

If you’re selling ice cream, gelato, or frozen treats of whatever kind, you need dessert supplies. You need plastic spoons, ice cream cups, and even your own, custom ice cream cup design. While it might seem easier and faster to simply order any sort of dessert cups, having your own custom ice cream cup is a great way to enhance your brand and your business.

What Should I Put On My Custom Ice Cream Cup?

There are at least two things you’ll want to help set your business apart from all the others.

  1. You need your name and logo. Think about it. A man is walking down the street on a hot day and sees a lady walking towards him with a bowl of delicious ice cream. The man now wants some ice cream! “Where did she get that ice cream?” he wonders. The ice cream cup from your shop, however, is just a simple white affair with no writing or color. The man now wants ice cream, but instead of looking for your shop, he stops at the nearest ice cream shop he comes to: which may or may not be yours.

    Now reimagine this scenario, but instead of a plain while ice cream cup, the woman with the ice cream is holding a custom ice cream cup with your name and logo on it. Now the man doesn’t just want ice cream: he wants your ice cream. He’s seen it; it looks delicious; no other ice cream will do just now but the one he’s fixed his desire upon. That’s the power of a custom ice cream cup.

  2. You need a good design and attractive color. It’s not enough that you simply stick your name on the cup. You need something that will really attract the eye. This could be a seasonal design that shows you’re keeping up with things. It could be an inviting color and pattern that shows professionalism and just a touch of class. Either way, you’re standing out from the competition now.

What Else Can I Do With a Custom Ice Cream Cup?

There are plenty of ideas. You can make them reusable, offering a deal for those who bring them back to be refilled. Not only does this show a commitment to the environment and green causes, but it also inclines your customers to keep coming back to you specifically. You can also design a series of collectible cups with a reward for getting all of them, or offer special cups only for certain highlighted flavors. A marketing campaign of “strange” or “unique” ice cream flavors can really work well if you can make it a challenge for customers to try them all and vote on their favorite.

Your custom ice cream cup shows that you care to go to that extra bit of effort to make sure things look good and run smoothly in your business. It can also be used to promote your brand recognition, in marketing strategies, or to show a committment to green causes. Whatever the reason, get your custom ice cream cup designed and delivered today.