To Add Sugar Or Not To Add Sugar America’s Most Popular Coffee Drinking Habits

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How do you like your coffee?

This is one of the best questions to ask when it comes to offering your consumers what they need to get through their day. Despite America’s almost mythical love for coffee, no two people will enjoy this drink the same way. A cafe that wants to stay above the competition needs to do its part to provide a little bit of everything, ranging from custom paper cups for on-the-go consumers and hot soup containers for those who want to stick around a little longer. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? According to record sales in coffee and related drinks, it’s highly unlikely.

What do cheap coffee mugs, coffee accessories and stir sticks have to offer your customers? Let’s find out.

Coffee remains popular for its delectable flavor, flexibility in everyday life and, of course, that iconic caffeine rush. The United States remains one of the biggest buyers of coffee worldwide, with the retail value of the American coffee market estimated at a staggering $48 billion. Specialty coffees, in particular, compromise a nearly 55% value share. All in all, the country imported over 27 million bags back in 2014 and is still standing tall at nearly one-fourth of global coffee imports. As you can imagine, cheap paper cups and coffee stirrers have enjoyed plenty of business, to boot.

Seem too big to grasp? Let’s look at a variety of statistics and get a broad perspective on this beloved drink. It’s thought up to 50% of the American population drinks espresso, iced coffees and lattes on a regular basis. Recent statistics have revealed American consumers will drink an average of one and a half cups of coffee per day. While cafes are plenty popular and aren’t going to lose their standing any time soon, home brewing is another rapidly evolving industry for its convenience and additional flexibility. Coffee preparation has gone up 4% these past few years, with 80% of ‘past day’ coffee drinkers reporting they brew at home.

Americans may have their unique preferences when it comes to the ideal cup of coffee, but specialty coffees are still considered the way to go. They represent nearly 40% of American coffee cups and are widely considered to be the highest quality worldwide. The two primary types of coffee are Arabica and Robusta, with the vast majority of coffee used in the specialty industry being the former. Although dark coffee is frequently touted as of a ‘higher’ taste, just 35% of coffee drinkers will take their mug black. The vast majority at 65% much prefer to add sugar or cream.

This is where stir sticks, creamer cups and personalized disposable coffee cups come into play. If you’re not offering your consumers the means of expressing themselves through their drinks, you’re not giving them a reason to stick around. Independent coffee shops these days will sell an average 30% of espresso-based drinks, with the rest brewed, and on-the-go items are one of the biggest draws for a busy populace. The majority of coffee is consumed during breakfast hours, though between meals is increasingly popular as either a caffeine boost or tasty treat.

Independent coffee shops rake in $12 billion in annual sales. If you want to take advantage of this unprecedented surge you need to stock up. Stir sticks and stoppers are coveted for making on-the-go drinks more convenience, while disposable paper cups are a must to encourage all types of customers. Adding soup stations is becoming more popular for cafes that want to reach out to a broader demographic. Women have been found to be twice as likely to order soup as men and, collectively, Americans will consume 10 billion bowls of soup every year.

Think about how you drink your coffee, then extend that to your consumer base. The answer has been in front of you all along.