The Rising Popularity of Mexican Restaurants

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Over the past ten years, the world has changed in ways that many people could not have predicted. Thanks to technology and social media, there are now more people interacting with one another than ever before. While this may not seem like a big deal, it has lead to a shift in culture that is almost unprecedented in the modern world.

This shift in culture is largely attributed to the rise in technology and social media. The rise of technology has managed to allow people to communicate in an easier manner than ever before. This form if instant communication thus allows for people to be able to experience a new sense of culture and to speak to people they would not able to do so before.

Now that more people are experiencing new ways of life and new cultures unlike ever before, it has allowed for a shift in culture that is accepting to new ways of thinking and new ways of living life. This has lead to a rise in the popularity of Mexican restaurants and is why these types of restaurants are now so prominent in the United States. Here are all of the facts on the popularity of Mexican restaurants.

Right now in the United States, there are more Mexican restaurants than ever before. As of the year 2011, there are nearly 40,000 Mexican restaurants spread out across the United States. This number may not seem like a lot but take a moment to think about how many restaurants there are near you that focus on specifically serving Mexican food.

Not only are there a lot of restaurants based in serving just Mexican food, there are other types of restaurants trying to expand their style of serving food as well. Now, one out of every ten restaurants in the United States sells Mexican food. This means that this type of food is now the most popular style of international cuisine across the country! This is one statistic that points to how popular Mexican restaurants are now in the United States.

Across the country, over 70% of all American households use Mexican food and ingredients. Right now just about 75% of all consumers want new flavors in their ethnic cuisines and two-thirds want bolder flavors and unfamiliar foods. This points to the spread of a culture that has occurred over the past twenty years or so as people are expanding their lifestyle and are trying new things.

Right now in the United States, just about 42% of all ethnic food sales is comprised of Mexican food. So there is no question that Mexican style food is some of the most popular food that did not originate in the United States. Furthermore, it is important to know that salsa is now the most popular condiment in the United States over mayo, ketchup, and mustard.

The term enchilada is first referenced in the US in 1885. Yet the concept of tortillas being used as a wrap can be clearly linked to the Aztecs. This just goes to show the history that goes into the food creating by Mexican restaurants that are consumed on a near-daily basis.

There are 7 moles sauces of Oaxaca that are often used by Mexican restaurants for their dishes and recipes. These styles and sauces include Negro, Rojo, Coloradito, Amarillo, Verde, Chichilo, and Manchamantel. The Mexican cuisine is believed to come from the food that was prepared by the Mayan Indians over 2000 years ago and now it has managed to reach the heights of being some of the most popular international recipes in the world today!

There are 67,391 restaurants in the United States that serve a burrito. Keep in mind that there are now recipes that are made in the United States that integrate and incorporate Hispanic food into their food and menus. This also points to just how popular Mexican restaurants have come as well

In Conclusion

As the world of technology continues to grow and expand there is no question that people are going to continue to branch out and try new flavors and new foods. As society moves forward, more people from different cultures will be able to interact with one another and will be able to enjoy other forms of cultures.