The Benefits of Buying an Office Coffee Maker

Business coffee

Every single year business owners try to follow the latest trends in the business world that can help improve their workplace efficiency and employee morale. Some of these trends include activities like team building exercises or employee outings to dinner or other types of events such as concerts or sporting events. Many people believe that these types of activities can help bring employees together, making them feel an obligation to do diligent work while on the job.

Other trends include implementing ideas and concepts into the workplace such as breaks or paid vacation. As a matter of fact, people even believe that hourly breaks can help lead to more productive work from employees. Understand that the most productive employees will work for 52 minutes and then take a break for 17 minutes. While some think that these implemented break plans can help, others do not buy into these ideas.

One idea that all businesses owners need to buy into, however, involves an item that many people love to consume and that is none other than coffee. Coffee is beloved by many people, especially older adults that work in a workplace from 9 to 5 and need a boost of energy to help improve not only their mood but the amount of work produced. With this in mind, let us break down the advantages and benefits of buying and installing an office coffee maker.

There are plenty of options you can indulge in when trying to bring coffee into the workplace. Some of these options include an office coffee provider, office coffee supplies, office coffee systems, and even an office coffee vendor. It is important to understand that an office coffee maker will appeal to many people in the workplace. This is because

Nearly 50% of all people over the age of 18 enjoy drinking coffee across the United States. Also, know that 46% of all workers in the United States believe that drinking coffee at work is something that helps them remain productive throughout the course of the day. Also know that on average, a coffee drinker will normally drink about 3 cups a day.

Now that we have discussed the popularity of coffee, let us dive into the health benefits of coffee. 1.8 grams of fiber can be found in just one cup of coffee, and fiber is important to the body as many nutritionists recommend you get fiber to help your digestive system. The Harvard School of Public Health conducted studies that proved women who drink four or more cups of coffee each day were 20% less likely to develop symptoms of depression.

If you are someone who even consumes coffee at a moderate level, you will still be able to reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer by about 26%. Studies have proven that just about 200 mg of caffeine will help people identify both phrases and words that they normally could not without coffee. Even the Food and Drug Administration believes that coffee can help improve brain function.

The FDA, Food and Drug Administration conducted surveys surrounding coffee and the effects it can have on the brain of someone who drinks it. According to the FDA, it only takes between 30 minutes to an hour for the caffeine in coffee to be absorbed and circulated throughout the bloodstream of the consumer. The effect, however, will be able to last for up to six hours. This effect includes improving the energy levels of your brain, improving concentration and memory retention, and can even help lead to better cognitive performance.


The simple act of buying an office coffee maker for your workplace is a great idea for you, your business, and your employees. Not only is it a low-cost move, the benefits and results push far past whatever money you are going to spend on the items you need. These items will include the office coffee maker, spoons or stir sticks, the actual coffee, filters, and that is it. Just those simple items have been proven to boost the levels of work that employees can do for your business and show that it is definitely worth it for you to invest in an office coffee maker.