Hosting a Party? Your Guests Will Enjoy a Taco Bar!

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Are you planning to host a party? Have you decided on a menu yet? Event catering is the perfect solution when you’re hosting a friendly get together or another type of event with a large group of people. You can be assured there will be enough food for everyone and that it will all taste wonderful. Furthermore, when you have event catering, you’ll be able to cross off all those tasks involved with providing food from your planning list.

If you’re looking for menu ideas, why not go with a taco bar? People love tacos, and eat about 4 billion of them in the United States every year. Since there are so many Mexican restaurants in the United States, over 59,800 as of April 2017, chances are that your guests will also love Mexican food.

Were you aware that more people use salsa than ketchup and mayonnaise? Many Americans also have the ingredients to prepare Mexican food at home. While some will make tacos on a regular basis, others enjoy making chile rellenos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and other favorite Mexican dishes.

When you have taco catering, there are a variety of fillings from which to choose. In addition to chicken, pork, and beef, you may also want to have shrimp, lobster, or fish. Then there’s all the toppings such as guacamole, cheese, lettuce, and salsa. Given the various types of salsa, you’ll want to offer several at your taco bar. This includes a range of temperatures, too, just in case not everyone can handle hot salsa.

When it comes to side dishes, you’ll probably want to go with traditional beans, rice, and salad. Seafood cocktail can also be a delicious side dish. Corn mixed with different types of peppers and beans is also a delicious accompaniment to tacos.

Since Mexican food is the most popular style of international cuisine in this country, chances are that everyone at your event will be gathering around the taco bar. After everyone tells you what a great time they had at your event, you’ll be happy that you used taco catering.