Three Ways That the Food Production Process Can Keep the Public Safe

Food packaging automation

As food goes through the packaging process, it must be inspected to ensure there are no harmful contents that could affect someone who purchased it. Many different components play an important factor in keeping individuals safe, from checkweighers that ensure correct weight of food, to food metal detectors that alert workers to the presence of something that does not belong, packaging machines, which are used to determine the correct amount of packaging to preserve food, and finally x-ray food inspection, which gives workers a visual in case one of the previous machines did not alert them. Here are three ways that consumers are protected from having possible problems with their items.

Metal Detectors Prevent Packages With Metal From Going Out

Special x-ray machines for food inspection can find pieces of metal that may have somehow gotten into food. These food metal detectors find metal pieces before the food is shipped off to be sold. The x-ray is able to find metal as small as 1.5mm or even less than that, meaning that even trace amounts can be pulled off production and discarded so consumers are not affected. This goes a long way in protecting brands and ensuring their name does not get any brand press from the incident.

Checkweighers Ensure Food is Sold at the Correct Weight and Does Not Go Over or Under

Through the use of checkweigher machines, factory workers are able to ensure that food is sold at the proper weight. For packaged items, this is crucial, since some cannot exceed a certain weight limit when being sold. For frozen items, they might be at risk at melting, or could become unsuitable to eat, since there might not be enough packaging to protect them. Checkweighers are instrumental in keeping consumers from ending up with food poisoning or similar problems, a fate that over 40 million Americans face every year.

Packaging Machines Are Important in Ensuring Not Too Much Packaging is Used
Although many companies want to keep their product fresh, they also do not want to overdo the amount pf packaging that is being used. With more environmentally conscious individuals, many people will avoid brands that overuse packaging, finding it wasteful and unnecessary. Over 50% of individuals who shop will make the decision not to purchase something because of packaging. Those that are more committed to making purchases will look for companies that stress being environmentally conscious.

There are many important uses of machines in the food packaging process. Packaging machines are needed so that more waste is not created, but the food is still safe enough to sell to consumers. Checkweighers are required to weigh food so it does not go over or under the desired weight, which may lead to it spoiling. Metal detectors and x-ray food machines are also another needed component, since they protect consumers from items that may have been packaged in the food unintentionally, but would otherwise be harmful to consume.