Are You Looking for a Unique Party Venue?

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America is made up of people who love to celebrate. We celebrate birthdays. We celebrate retirements. We celebrate weddings. And some times we celebrate for no reason at all. And while the reasons to celebrate are easy to find, the party venues for these celebrations are not. In fact, if you are in need of a party venue you often have to make your reservation months, sometimes a year, in advance. In addition, a substantial deposit is often required for many of these locations. Whether you are looking to host a family brunch in celebration of the anniversary of a grandparent or you are in need of a party venue for a wedding, dinner, and dance, planning early is always advised.
Is Your Company Looking for a Golf Tournament Location?
When large companies are trying to find ways to thank their vendors and customers, a golf tournament is often a great option. Finding a course that can host the event, however, can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Weekend tournaments are especially difficult to come by, so many people in need of a party venue at a gold course end up scheduling a weekday event instead.
Part of the complication with an outdoor golfing event is whether or not the course has available indoor and outdoor space. The unpredictable nature of the weather often means that some events may need to be moved inside. A venue that has both indoor and outdoor options allows you to adjust plans if necessary, rather than cancel every part of an event.
Golf tournaments allow companies a way to thank their customers or are a way to raise funds for a non-profit. High school cheerleading squads, for instance, might host a golf outing as a fundraiser for a particular charity that they want to support. By recruiting businesses to sponsor each hole, a fundraiser golf tournament can encourage players to pay a worthwhile entry fee and have a chance for the flag prizes.
Wedding Events Can be Expensive So Find a Location That Is Worth the Money
Did you know that the average budget for a wedding and reception is close to $30,000? When the average amount of a wedding event is $28,385, you know that you want to create something memorable. In fact, if you are are in need of a party venue to host the wedding reception and the dance you are likely looking for a place that provides several important factors:

  • Seating No dinner will taste great if your guests do not have room to get in and out of their chairs. Too often, brides find a venue and then over invite for the space. Ask the venue if you can visit the morning of another event and see how the tables and chairs are set for different numbers of guests. Seeing how roomy a space looks for 200 guests and being able to compare the cramped seating that is required for a guest list of 300 can help you understand the reason for limiting invitations.
  • Food A big part of any wedding reception venue is the food that is served. While some places allow you to cater in your own food, many more locations only offer their own food as an option. Just like wedding dress styles and color schemes change, so does the kind of food that is served at an event. A current popular trend is the idea of serving a brunch menu for early morning weddings. For instance, a recent survey indicated that 67% of wedding planners favor unique ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch items. With tasty offerings like Asian-flavored syrups, Chorizo scrambled eggs, pancakes made from coconut milk, for instance, some brides want to imitate the menu of their favorite restaurants. These trendy food items may, however, be unfamiliar to the reception venue cooking staff. Make sure that you are up front about what you want and ask for a tasting day ahead of time.
  • Parking Make sure that the venue you select has plenty of parking available. If they do not, consider hiring a valet service to help guests comfortably get to and from their cars. Perhaps you might consider offering an shuttle to and from the reception venue to the hotel where most of the guests are staying.