Throwing A Party? Here Are Some Tips To Save Money

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Looking for some creative ideas for your next birthday party or get-together? It seems there’s always a reason to throw a fun event. With every upside, a downside is not too far behind. Nobody wants to flush their hard-earned cash down the toilet, particularly when it’s going to a well-deserved break. Thanks to rental houses, you can lay any and all fears to rest as you put together an event to remember. From the financial benefits of renting bounce houses to more chiavari chair colors than you can shake a stick at, there are a plethora of options to cure whatever ails you. No pool party or promotional event should be caught without it! Take a gander below at some common do’s and don’ts on budgeting, designing and planning.

Sweet Sixteens And Baby Showers

Everyone loves to party. From sweet sixteens to bar mitzvahs to baby showers, you’ll never have a shortage of fun celebrations to throw together for your family and friends! Sweet sixteens, in particular, are an event that’s been around for decades in North America, celebrating the transition between childhood and adulthood. If you want to put together a lovely occasion for a friend expecting a child, chiavari chair colors and event tent rentals can provide you with flexibility and adorable design options.

Weddings And Birthday Parties

Thousands of weddings crop up every year in the United States. Needless to say, that’s a lot of celebration! The average wedding has around 135 guests, ranging from family to friends to acquaintances, and are more frequently held outside than inside. In fact, nearly 40% of weddings are outdoor occasions, meaning many turn to rental houses to provide them with party tents, chairs and tables to pad out their furniture requirement. When it comes to birthday parties, particularly for children, families follow the ‘age plus one’ rule — this means that a party for a four year-old should have no more than five attendees. For outdoor affairs, a 40×80 foot tent can take around four and a half hours to set up, so don’t forget to give yourself a little spare time!

Bounce Houses And Chocolate Fountains

Why throw a party if it’s not going to be fun for everyone? Bounce house game ideas are one of the best ways to keep rowdy children happy and adults relaxed, providing a good source of exercise on top of engaging and silly game concepts. A 15×15 foot bounce house can carry up to ten children, or four adults, at a time. A chocolate fountain is a device that serves warm chocolate fondue — the most common examples resemble a stepped cone, anywhere from two to four feet tall from the crown and stacked with multiple tiers. You can dip nearly everything into this tasty treat, from fruit to slices of cake. Yum! So, where can you get started?

Renting For Your Party

There’s no need to spend excess cash on an event that won’t last longer than half the day. Renting chiavari chair colors or party rental equipment will give you the best of both worlds — rental houses offer warranties to protect you from minor damages, such as tears and stains, and you can simply return your equipment to the place of business once you’re done. Additional decorations, such as lamps and chiavari chair rentals, can also be found to give your future memories a bit of polish. Interested in spicing up the proceeds? Try a dance floor rental! The sky’s the limit for those on a budget — if you want to save money without sacrificing quality, look no further than a rental house for all your party needs.