Top 3 Vegan Ice Cream Cup Alternatives That Taste Even Better Than Dairy

Gelato cups and spoons

Bad day at work? Bad break up? Just want to celebrate? Hungry for a midnight snack? Craving something sweet and creamy? Well ice cream cups with lids are the perfect are the perfect way to soothe, satiate, and satisfy your needs and feelings for a comforting sweet treat. After all, there’s a reason why everyone screams for ice cream! Unfortunately, consuming high amounts of dairy, such as milk, cheese, ice cream cups, frozen yogurt cups, and gelato cups, can have some serious mental, physical, and emotional side effects. As such, now people are screaming for ice cream but for more different reasons; they want a healthier alternative that taste just as good, feels just as good, but without all the adverse side effects.

It may seem like everyone is eating a plant based diet these days and for good reason. Not only are plant based foods delicious, but they’re also highly nutritious, better for you, better for the planet, and completely cruelty free so your conscious can rest easy. Thanks to continued activism, the truth about the health hazards of dairy as well as the inherent cruelty of the industry itself has continued to gain exposure. As a result, more and more consumers are forgoing their beloved ice cream cups for healthier dairy free alternatives that are no less tasty, sweet, creamy, and rich in flavor.

Interested in diving into the sweet and creamy world of vegan ice cream cups but aren’t sure which dairy and cruelty free variety is right for you? Check out these non dairy, plant based alternatives that are brimming with flavor and nutrition.

Cashew milk ice cream cups

For dairy lovers that are reluctant to believe dairy free ice cream can taste just as rich, creamy, and indulgent as ice cream made from cream in milk, one taste of cashew ice cream is sure to leave you with your foot, or more cashew ice cream, in your mouth! Made from cashew milk, cashew ice cream is favorite among vegetarians, vegans, or even those that just want a healthier alternative to traditional ice cream because of its richness, which easily rivals that of dairy ice cream. Cashew ice cream comes in a variety of traditional flavors as well as a few others that are sure to leave taste buds asking for more. Although cashews are low in fiber, they’re rich in essential vitamins and nutrients such as copper, magnesium, iron, selenium, and zinc.

Almond milk ice cream

For those who want a satisfying, creamy frozen treat that’s on the lighter side, almond milk ice cream is ideal. Although its creamy and sweet, it’s not as rich or as indulgent as cashew milk ice cream, making it perfect for avoiding the dazed sleepiness that follows a food coma. Almond milk ice cream has a mild, slightly sweet and nutty flavor of almonds, on top of what other flavor is added. For example, chocolate almond ice cream is a great example of how both the chocolate and natural almond flavors compliment and enhance each other. Almonds are a natural super food because they’re rich in protein, vitamin E, healthy fats, fiber, and magnesium. They’re also great for weight loss since even eating small amounts can be stave off hunger. Who says you can’t eat ice cream cups and still lose weight? Well you can if they’re almond!

Coconut milk ice cream

Coconut oil has been all the rage lately and other coconut products are not following in its footsteps. Coconut milk ice cream offers the best of both worlds; it’s creamy like cashew ice cream without being too heavy, has a mild natural flavor like almond ice cream, and is chock full of the powerful healing properties of coconuts. Coconut milk ice cream is perhaps the most popular dairy free ice cream alternative because of its versatility in terms of mimicking the flavor and texture of traditional diary ice cream. Coconuts are also considered a super food, and provide several health benefits such as increased energy, increased metabolism, and improved immunity.