It’s All About Location — Choosing the Perfect Place For Your Reception

In need of a party venue

If you’re the kind of person who has always dreamed of a lavish wedding surrounded by family and friends, you’re probably going to want to throw an amazing party and will be in need of a party venue. You may be considering romantic wedding places for the ceremony, but when you’re in need of a party venue, you want a good sized space with plenty of amenities to throw the bash of your life. It’s a celebration of you and your spouse, after all! There are many areas that are favored for weddings all around the country for their picturesque buildings or views and there are plenty of facilities that specialize in weddings where you can put together your perfect ceremony and reception. Whether you’re looking for elegance, something fun and laid back, or unique wedding places, some research should pull up some amazing event facilities that will suit your needs.
What Should I Be Looking For?
If you’re looking for places to have a wedding reception, it often depends on what kind of reception you’re planning on having and how many people will be attending. If it’s a smaller, more intimate wedding, there’s a chance you won’t need a grand dance floor or crazy music or special effects. On the other hand, if you’re inviting practically everyone you know, renting out a huge ballroom with music, lights, and other effects might be just the thing if you’re in need of a party venue for after the eating and drinking is finished. Bonus points if the facility also has a restaurant or bar attached where guests can sip on cocktails and nibble on h’or deourves.
If you want a classic, elegant look, try to choose a building that reflects that — with stately architecture, classic towering columns, and sleek terraces, floors, and walls. These types of places will also have lovely landscaping and grounds to walk on and take pictures that you’ll remember forever.
What Should I Inquire About When Looking at a Wedding Venue?
Of course you want to find the best places to have a wedding and many of these places can be expensive, given the quality you’re getting. So you want to keep your budget in mind, while also keeping in mind you don’t want to sacrifice quality. Popular venues may get booked up incredibly early, so it’s important to see what’s available in the month(s) you’re considering getting married. Inquire as to the occupancy limit and what the rental fee is. You should find out how much you need for a deposit and what the payment plan looks like. You’ll also want to know about music, food, beverage, and other setting up and breaking down services — do they provide those in-house? If you don’t want to use existing services, is there an extra fee for bringing in your own caterers or musicians? Ask about back-up plans in case of bad weather or what their cancellation policy looks like. All of these are important to nail down before you book them and pay down your deposit — which is often not refundable.
What About My Budget?
The average couple will spend over $28,000 for the ceremony and reception and in 2013, brides spent almost $1,200 on their rehearsal dinners and over $450 for their morning-after brunch — both figures up from 2012. Considering that the costs for weddings are going up, you’ll want to focus on the truly important things: venue, photographers, and the cake. These will most likely be the lasting items from your wedding (apart from your dress or tux). Don’t skimp on the venue or food. You want a quality wedding that’s enjoyable for you (and everyone else) and one where you feel taken care of and that things are being handled appropriately. Keep your budget in mind, but give yourself a little flex room as well.
If you’re in need of a party venue for your reception, dig in with your significant other and do some research! It’s important to find a location that suits both of you for your big day.