What Is Your Favorite Kind of Hummus?


There are tasty snacks and there are nutritious snacks, and then there are nutritious snacks that taste good with almost anything tasty. Hummus nutrition is full of a rich flavorful taste that goes well with many other healthy foods. As families across America look for ways to provide tasty snacks that are also nutritious, the uses for hummus continue to grow.
Many people who are trying to move away from eating meat see hummus nutrition as a viable option. According to Canada’s Food Guide, a three-fourths of a cup serving of hummus can take the place of one serving of meat. Made from chickpeas, a full cup of hummus contains 36% of the suggested requirement of folate. Folate-rich foods are associated with a lower risk of some types of cancer, including colorectal cancers. Folates have also been known to lower the risk of heart disease.
In addition to the health benefits, a hearty hummus recipe is great used as a dip for vegetables like red and green peppers, celery, and carrots. It also tastes great with healthy whole wheat crackers, or as a spread in a cucumber sandwich.
Hummus nutrition is also filling. Unlike other snacks that are full of sugars and quick energy, an authentic hummus recipe can provide a filling meal that will not require you to eat again in 30 minutes. With the increased number of people overweight in both the U.S. and Canada, more healthy snacking is a goal of many.
A 2014 Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences study discovered that people who snack on hummus and other wholesome snacks have a more than 50% chance of avoiding obesity. These same individuals are as much as 51% less likely to have high blood sugar than individuals who eat snacks other than hummus. When studies combine the tendency of Canadians to be both overweight and obese, this research indicates that 70% of these men and 50% of these women had energy intakes that exceeded the amount of energy they use. Perhaps hummus, no fat yogurt, and other nutritious and filling snacks could remedy this health problem.
What kinds of snacks and fast and easy appetizers are you providing for your family? Sometimes the best healthy eating habits are determined by what you purchase while you are at the grocery store. Instead of filling your cart with salty chips and sweet bakery items, consider a different selection of nutritious options. Hummus spread, ingredients for lettuce wrap recipes, and fat free yogurt allows your family to select healthier snacking options.