4 Things to Consider When Buying Spices Online

Harvesting fennel pollen

Spices are a staple for anyone who cooks a lot and makes their own recipes. Those that cook from scratch tend to use spices much more compared to those who choose to cook meals out of a box. Spices are an important part of a meal made from scratch. Without spices you food can taste bland and lack flavor. All spices available are originated from plants or flowers, seeds, fruits, leaves or the roots or barks of plants. Online buying has spiked over the last few years, and buying seasonings online may seem like an incredible idea. Before you indulge in the online world of spices and seasonings, you should consider a few things before you commit to buying seasonings online.

Check the physical appearance of the spice to make sure that it looks fresh and not stale and old. Make sure that the flower, seed or pod is large sized, and a natural color rather than off color. If it looks bad, don’t buy it.


Do not experiment with spices when buying seasonings online. The aroma of the spice or flavoring is a critical asset. Spices with unusual aromas should not be used. Since you can’t smell spices before buying them online, stick with those that you are already familiar with.

Whole Spices

Whenever possible buy whole spices and grind them yourself. This helps to retain the spices potency and keep a fresher flavor. Whole spices have a longer shelf life than ground spices. Ground spices go stale incredibly quick, and since you can’t visually inspect spices online buying whole spices ensures you get the best flavor from them.

Buy Small Amounts At A Time

When buying spices, especially online, buy smaller amounts rather than larger quantities. Bulk spices, especially those that are purchased already ground, go stale incredibly quickly. The average shelf life of ground spices reaches its max around six months. When buying spices online it’s hard to tell when that time frame is up. Buying smaller quantities helps to ensure you use the spices before that time frame is up and they begin to go stale.

Knowing what to look for when buying seasonings online helps you determine the best spices to buy. If you do choose to buy seasonings online, follow these simple tips for a flavorful and aromatic seasoning. Herbs not only have antibacterial properties and antiviral properties, but many spices couple B-vitamins and trace minerals with their incredible flavor. Choose the best herbs and spices for your dish. Herbs, which have been dried work better when, added during the cooking process, since this allows the flavors to infuse the whole dish. Ground fresh herbs will infuse dishes almost instantly with flavor. Decide which best herbs, spices and seasoning work for best for your dish then decide which of those you can buy online and which ones should be purchased locally. Ensuring that you have the proper seasonings and spices will ensure that whatever you cook turns out exactly as you want.