Why Settle for Ice Cream Sundaes When You can Have Ice Cream Every Day?

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When the summer heat kicks in and everything around you seems to be melting, what’s your go-to treat? For most people around the world, it’s ice cream. Over 90% of households in the United States alone partake in this frozen treat on a regular basis. You could say the whole nation is screaming for ice cream!

Ice cream is a classic dessert that often evokes memories of sticky summer fun. It’s also one of the most largely produced foods in the dairy family. Approximately 9% of all milk produced by dairy farmers is used to create ice cream, and nearly 1.5 billion gallons are produced every single year. Can you imagine all of that ice cream in one place? Talk about a dream come true!

Although ice cream is still one of the most consumed desserts of all time, some new frozen treats have recently gained a lot of popularity. Among these are frozen yogurt and gelato. Both of these treats have been around for a while, but it seems that lately there’s a new frozen yogurt place popping up every other day.

While ice cream is a classic, these new frozen yogurt joints are spicing things up with customized cups, colorful spoons, and the option to choose how much and how many flavors of fro-yo you can have. The new shops allow customers to pick as many flavors and toppings as they want with a buffet style spread of sugary goodness. Though to be fair, frozen yogurt has less sugar and less fat in it than ice cream does.

Frozen yogurt is bringing a lot of fun back into the experience of getting ice cream. The restaurants are often colorful, bright, and very family friendly. They’re the kind of places that make you want to laugh and have a treat, maybe forget about your problems for a little while. And while ice cream is generally solely a summer outing, frozen yogurt parlors are open year round to the public, so you can have your sundaes every day of the year!