Are You Looking to Hire an Event Catering Service?

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Even “simple” takes time. As more and more weddings, graduations, bar mitzvahs, and bridal and baby showers become grand productions that require everything from event catering ideas to themed decorations, a growing number of brides and other party planners aim for the simple, the classic celebration. Even these elegant and simple affairs, however, take time and thought to plan. In fact, some would argue that the more simple the plan, the longer it takes to execute. In a simply classic wedding, for example, it is not about cramming as many memorable ideas into the evening’s busy agenda. Instead, when a party planner tries to create a classic party, that person has likely spent just as much time sifting through the varied perfect party ideas that crowd the photos, blogs, and posts on social media. It likely took hours to create an event that seemed both beautiful and effortless.
Whether you are planning a simple outdoor wedding or a complex and overly decorated baby reveal party, event catering ideas are likely at the top of your list. Having food and drink options that fit the style and theme of your celebration is an important part of the success of your gathering.
One of the most popular dinner catering menu approaches is the “make your own” trend. Create your own food bars, such as fresh salsa and guacamole bars, taco bars, beef or chicken slider bars, sundae bars, and more are becoming increasingly popular for both weddings and corporate menus. This approach to event planning and catering allows guests to come and go during an open house style event. No matter when your guests arrive, they are able to get something tasty to eat and something refreshing to drink.
While these make your own food bars may seem less formal, they are not less expensive. In fact, you might be surprised to know that the more formal, plated catering option is usually a less expensive approach. Especially when you have an off-site caterer, plated, pre-ordered meals are often less expensive than most buffets or food stations. Requiring a firm RSVP, a sit down, plated meal allows the host to predetermine exactly how much money will be spent at the even. A buffet or build your own food bar provided by the in house kitchen can supply an endless amount of food that is totaled and billed when the event is over.
If you are creating a corporate event that needs to serve a very large group, you might be looking to hire an event catering service that will also offer to be in charge of some decorating, table arrangements and most of the food presentation.
What are your plans for your next event or celebration? Simple and classic? Complex and detailed? Either way, make sure you have thorough event catering ideas and plans. When the party starts you want your guests to see all of your event as effortless and relaxing.