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What Can Microgreens and Edible Flowers Be Used For?

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Have you ever received a beautifully garnished dish and marveled at the presentation? The effect isn’t as hard as you might think; these dishes are achieved through using different types of edible flowers and savory seedlings known collectively as microgreens. Microgreens can add a wonderful flavor, crunch, or spice to a dish and the various types of edible flowers add color, decoration, and a sweetness to other dishes, usually desserts.
What are Microgreens?
Contrary to popular belief, microgreens are not the same as sprouts. Microgreens are simply seedlings that were harvested early, before they reached their full plant size. Some popular forms of microgreens include types as unusual as amaranth, chervil, and sorrel, to kinds you could find in the supermarket, arugula, cress, or parsley. Many early settlers used to harvest these kinds of plants in the spring to add a little bit of zip and zest to their meals after a long winter. One popular use is adding microgreens to salads for a fresher taste. Other types of microgreens like cabbage, beets, or mustard can add beautiful colors to your salads or other meals, in addition to contributing a rich complexity of flavors.
Why Use Types of Edible Flowers as Garnish?
Edible flowers, such as carnations or hibiscus can add vibrant colors to your meals or desserts. Such examples include salads, cakes, soups, or even seafood dishes. It’s also a fun surprise to tell your guests they can eat everything on their plate! Perhaps another little known fact is that you can add edible flowers to your condiments! They’ve found their way into vinegars, salad dressings, syrups, and brightened up butters or oils. Specialty oil companies will often sell flower-infused oils or vinegars, which add a sweet and delicate taste to many dishes.
You can also preserve edible flowers to use at a later date, if you dry, freeze, or steep them in oil. Surprisingly, you won’t ruin the flowers if you put them in the freezer! Another way you can often find edible flowers in a crystallized form, which is simply done using egg whites and sugar. These are often sold under the label of “candied flower.” Popular varieties include roses, violets, and hibiscuses.
Where To Find Microgreens and Edible Flowers
You can often find microgreens and edible flowers together. Farmer’s markets are an especially good place to look for them; you can often find some types of microgreens at your supermarket as well. Stores that specialize in organic products or stress clean eating will often also carry them. Additionally, you can find types of edible flowers, as well as microgreens, online in bulk.

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